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Posts for: April, 2018

By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
April 29, 2018
Category: Events
Tags: RealSelf  

Dr. Alex at the RealSelf booth at the 2017 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conferenceWe are excited to announce that Dr. Alex has been named a 2017 RealSelf 100 honoree.

What is RealSelf?

RealSelf is an online community allowing people to share their experiences about cosmetic treatments. Patients can ask questions which are answered directly by doctors from around the world. Tens of thousands of doctors participate in the RealSelf community. The site contains a wealth of information for those interested in learning more about cosmetic treatments. It includes millions of photographs and expert answers from medical professionals and attracts 10 million visitors each month.

How did Dr. Alex get selected to be a 2017 RealSelf 100 honoree?

Dr. Alex is committed to education, both in terms of learning as much as possible about what is new and in terms of educating others. Dr. Alex attends many conferences and seminars each year and publishes a weekly informational blog. Dr. Alex is very active on RealSelf. Many patients have shared their experiences and provided outstanding reviews of their results. Dr. Alex has answered thousands of questions about topics such as Botox, fillers, and laser treatments. Dr. Alex has also submitted over 100 before and after photographs and informational videos of various cosmetic treatments uploaded to RealSelf.

According to RealSelf CEO Tom Seery, "The RealSelf 100 recognizes committed medical professionals who are leading the way to help educate and empower consumers to make smarter decisions about aesthetic treatments. RealSelf 100 honorees are among the most engaged doctors on RealSelf — they represent less than one percent of the 20,000 medical professionals in our community yet collectively contributed 100,000 answers to consumer questions last year." Dr. Alex is honored to be a member of this selective group of cosmetic physicians.

Click here to read the official press release

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By Dr. Alex Eshaghian
April 22, 2018
Category: Services
Tags: Botox  

Botox before and afterBotox is the most common non-surgical treatment in the United States and Botox has become a household term. With so many different indications for Botox so many people are getting a treatment and it is no longer taboo. One of the most common questions is how early a person can get Botox.

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein used to treat wrinkles associated with facial expressions. Common areas of treatment with Botox include the horizontal lines on the forehead seen when raising the eyebrows, the vertical lines between the brows seen when frowning, and crow’s feet around the eyes seen when smiling or squinting. Botox is also used in other areas to shape the lower face, smooth out the chin, address a gummy smile, provide a pout to the lips, improve neck bands, treat migraine headaches, decrease sweating in the underarms, and more. When injected into the skin, Botox will relax the muscles and smoothen out the overlying wrinkles. Full results are seen two weeks after a Botox treatment and most people enjoy their results from a Botox treatment for three to four months, at which point a maintenance Botox treatment is recommended.

I want to look natural

Many people are concerned about how their appearance will change after a Botox treatment. This is understandable given the amount of both positive and negative publicity there has been around Botox and other cosmetic treatments. When done properly, Botox will provide a natural appearance that makes a person look more youthful and rested.

Is Botox painful?

One of the most common questions regarding Botox is whether the treatment is painful. We use a painless technique to maximize our patients comfort during the treatment. This starts by reconstituting the Botox with preserved saline, which contains benzyl alcohol, to decrease the discomfort with the injection. We use a tiny needle, similar to the size of the needle used for TB test on the forearm. During the Botox treatment, we provide a relaxing environment by playing a calming video with gentle music. We provide stress balls to our patients to hold during their Botox treatment. We apply cold air on the area which serves to numb the skin. We also use the Beauty Bar, which is a vibration device which distracts the patient from the Botox injection itself. Finally, with experience, Dr. Alex developed a technique to inject to minimize pain. This includes pinching the area, pushing the skin into the needle (as opposed to pushing the needle into the skin), using a slight rotation, and using gentle pressure. Most patients are surprised at how comfortable the Botox treatment is.

How long does a Botox treatment take?

The treatment time for a Botox treatment is very short. In our office, we take photographs of our patients with a neutral facial expression and with various other expressions depending on the area(s) treated before the Botox first treatment. The Botox treatment involves cleaning of the area and the placement of the product takes only a few minutes. Most people can expect to be out of the office in 15-30 minutes.

When can I get my first Botox treatment?

A common misconception is that Botox is only for those who are in their 60's or 70's. On the contrary, we have a lot of patients in their 20's who receive Botox. This is either for prevention or for those who have expressive faces. Dr. Alex finds that the younger a person is when one starts receiving Botox treatments the more signs of aging will be delayed. In other words, Botox can be used to prevent wrinkles from either appearing in the first place or from getting deeper over time.

Is Botox safe?

The safety record of Botox is well established. Botox has been used for over 20 years for a variety of treatments with minimal side effects. Botox is amongst the safest treatments for treating facial wrinkles.

What are the risks of a Botox treatment?

With any injection such as Botox, there are risks such as pain, bleeding, bruising, redness, swelling, tenderness, and infection. We take special precautions to minimize these risks such as using a painless technique. We also treat bruises with a laser as early as the next day. Bruises usually resolve within two weeks if untreated. After a laser treatment bruises usually resolve in 1-3 days, but may still take two weeks for full resolution. In addition to these risks, with Botox there is also a risk that the product spreads or diffuses to nearby structures. Spread of Botox to nearby muscles can lead to side effects such as the temporary appearance of droopy eyelids or a temporary asymmetric smile.

What should I do after a Botox treatment?

After a Botox treatment, avoid heat exposure, alcohol consumption, and strenuous exercise for 24 hours and not lie down flat for four hours. This is because all of these activities may possibly lead to the movement of the Botox and consequent side effects such as droopy eyelids as described above.

How much does a Botox treatment cost?

The investment for a Botox treatment varies from office to office. It depends on the region, office, and injector. The total investment also depends on how much Botox is required, the areas treated, and the individual. For example, if someone has a larger forehead, a higher dose of Botox will be required. If multiple areas such as frown lines and crow’s feet will be treated the investment will be more than that if only a single area is treated. In general, men have stronger muscles than women both on the body and on the face. For this reason, men usually require higher doses of Botox than women. The investment range for a Botox treatment is $200 - $500 per area. Areas include frown lines, crow’s feet, etc.

Botox Treatment Demonstration


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April 15, 2018
Category: Uncategorized
Tags: Untagged

bruiseOne of the common side effects with treatments involving needle injections is bruising. It is impossible to eliminate the risk of bruising. However, we now have an anti-bruise patch that reduces the risk of bruises significantly.

Why do bruises occur?

Bruises are seen when a needle goes through a blood vessel and the blood leaks into the skin. Bruises can also be caused by physical trauma such as injuries. Bruises come in a variety of colors including red, blue, and purple. They can turn different colors such as yellow or brown as they mature and slowly go away. Injectable treatments such as Botox, fillers (Voluma, Vollure, and Volbella), and Kybella can lead to bruises. With filler treatments, needles are injected deeper and bruises can be larger. Bruises usually resolve on their own in one to two weeks.

Can bruises be treated?

We can treat bruises with a laser. The light from the laser hits the bruise and makes it go away faster. After a laser bruise treatment, bruises usually resolve in one to three days, but still could last a full two weeks. Also, sometimes they get darker before they get lighter. The laser bruise treatment is very easy. A demonstration is shown below. A small amount of gel is applied to the skin and the laser treatment feels like a small snap on the skin. A few pulses are used for each small area and the treatment itself usually takes less than one minute. Often times a change in color can be seen immediately.

Laser Bruise Treatment Demonstration

What is the anti-bruise patch?

The anti-bruise patch is a new and innovative technology that is simple to use and significantly reduces the risk of bruising after injectable treatments and after surgery. It also makes bruises resolve more quickly and reduces swelling in the skin. The patch is clear and sticks to the skin. For most treatments two patches are used, one per side of the face. They are applied on the skin immediately after a treatment and left on for six hours. Then the patches are removed and replaced with another set of patches for another six hours; this can be done at bedtime and left on overnight while asleep. Ensure that the skin is clean and dry when applying the patches because any dirt or products on the skin will decrease the anti-bruising effects.

How does the anti-bruise patch work?

The anti-bruise patch contains very high doses of arnica and ledum, natural ingredients that have been used for years. These ingredients reduce swelling, bruising, pain, and inflammation. Arnica is available over-the-counter in both topical and oral forms. However, the concentration of arnica in the anti-bruise patch is 50 times stronger than that available over-the-counter. Each pair of patches comes in a sterile sleeve that can be kept at room temperature without the need for refrigeration.

How can I reduce the risk of bruising after my treatment?

With any injection there is always the risk for bruising. Dr. Alex recommends avoiding injectable treatments within two weeks of special events where you want to look your best. Also, avoid heat exposure, alcohol consumption, and strenuous exercise for 24 hours after a treatment because these activities bring blood to the skin and can increase the risk of bruising. It is also recommended to avoid medications that thin the blood such as aspirin as well as natural blood thinners like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cayenne peppers, and vitamin E for a few days before and after and injectable treatment. Tell Dr. Alex if you are taking prescription-strength blood thinners such as coumadin or Plavix.

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By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
April 08, 2018
Category: Services
Tags: laser butt lift  

sexy buttsAre you unhappy with the appearance of your butt? Even with strict diet and exercise regimens, many women are concerned with the size, shape, and sagginess. It can decrease a person’s self-confidence, especially when wearing tight clothes or a swimsuit. The laser butt lift is an easy treatment to enhance the appearance of the buttocks without surgery or recovery time.

How does the Laser Butt Lift treatment work?

The Laser Butt Lift treatment uses gentle micropulses of infrared light. This signals the skin to produce its own natural, new, fresh, and healthy collagen. This is the same way that Sculptra works, but without the needles, bruising, recovery time, or investment.

What happens during the Laser Butt Lift treatment?

Gel is applied to the skin to allow the light to be transmitted. The laser is passed gently over the skin in circular motions one area at a time. The entire Laser Butt Lift treatment takes about 20 – 30 minutes in total. A demonstration is shown below.

Laser Butt Lift Demonstration

Does the Laser Butt Lift treatment hurt?

The Laser Butt Lift treatment slowly and gently warms up the skin. Most people find it very comfortable and relaxing. Numbing cream is not required at all because the treatment is completely pain-free.

How long is the recovery time after a Laser Butt Lift treatment?

The best thing about the Laser Butt Lift treatment is that, unlike a surgical treatment, there is no recovery time or down time. People resume their normal activities right away. Dr. Alex recommends avoiding heat exposure, alcohol consumption, and strenuous exercise for 24 hours after the treatment and covering the area from the sun during the course of the initial series of Laser Butt Lift treatments.

How many Laser Butt Lift treatments will I need?

Dr. Alex recommends an initial series of six weekly Laser Butt Lift treatments followed by one maintenance Laser Butt Lift treatment every three months thereafter.

When will I see results after a Laser Butt Lift treatment?

As the collagen is produced in the skin improvements are seen slowly in terms of lift and projection of the butt over the first six weeks. Some people notice an improvement after a single treatment.

How long do the results of a Laser Butt Lift treatment last?

After an initial series of Laser Butt Lift treatments, most people enjoy their results for several months. Dr. Alex recommends one maintenance treatment every three months to protect your investment.

Does the Laser Butt Lift treatment work on cellulite?

While the Laser Butt Lift treatment is designed to firm and volumize the butt, some people may see improvement in cellulite. But this is not a guarantee.

Is the Laser Butt Lift treatment safe when pregnant or breast feeding?

The safety and efficacy of the Laser Butt Lift treatment has not been tested on women who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breast feeding. Therefore, Dr. Alex recommends waiting until breast feeding is completed before starting a series of Laser Butt Lift treatments.

Can the Laser Butt Lift treatment be done on dark skin types?

Yes, the Laser Butt Lift treatment is safe on all skin types, including dark skin.

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Dr. Alex has performed over 10,000 cosmetic treatments with many satisfied patients. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Alex in our Encino, CA office.

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By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
April 01, 2018
Category: Events
Tags: LAMCA  

Dr. Alex at the Four Seasons gardenDr. Alex attend the first Los Angeles Multispecialty Cosmetic Academy (LAMCA) 2018 from Friday March 23, 2018 through Sunday March 25, 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. This conference was organized by Dr. Alex’s friend and colleague Dr. Kian Karimi of Rejuva Aesthetics in Brentwood, CA.

The conference featured many speakers and exhibitor and the focus was on surgical and non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation. The LAMCA conference was another outstanding educational opportunity to learn about all the latest and greatest treatments in aesthetics. There were a number of world renown speakers from multiple specialties. The pioneer of intense pulsed light dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr. discussed the newest applications of technology including treatments for pain, feminine rejuvenation, and male enhancement. Plastic surgeon Dr. Sheila Nazarian spoke about non-surgical skin tightening and feminine rejuvenation. Head and neck surgeon Dr. Steve Weiner of The Aesthetic Clinique in Rosa Beach, FL discussed new microneedling technologies. Dr. Alexander Rivkin of Westside Aesthetics in Los Angeles, CA, inventor of the non-surgical nose job, discussed using fillers in the tear trough and demonstrated fillers for enhancement of the nose. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Anil Rajani of Style Aesthetics from Portland, OR discussed using PDO threads to lift the face. Ophthalmologist Dr. Steve Yoelin from Newport Beach, CA discussed and demonstrated advanced filler techniques. Live demonstrations included a variety of laser treatments and injectables.

The exhibits featured a number of companies in the cosmetic field. Dr. Alex had the pleasure of seeing Nai’a Bradshaw from Alastin Skin Care and Ted Reffkin from Monarch lasers. He also enjoyed spending time with colleagues such as Dr. Rachel Reyes-Bergano from Contempo Aesthetics in Pasadena, CA and Beverly Hills Sculptress Shae Kaplan. Dr. Alex learned about the newest hyaluronic acid filler available in the United States called Revanesse Versa as well as a new topical patch we are offering called Occumend which reduced bruises after injectable treatments. Dr. Alex congratulates Dr. Kian Karimi on an outstanding program and looks forward to attending the LAMCA next year.

Dr. Alex at a live demonstration at the LAMCA  Dr. Alex on the red carpet at the 2018 LAMCA

Dr. Alex with Dr. Alexander Rivkin of Westside Aesthetics at the 2018 LAMCA  Dr. Alex with Dr. David Samimi at the 2018 LAMCA

Dr. Alex with Dr. Patrick Bitter at the LAMCA  Dr. Alex with Dr. Rachel Reyes-Bergano of Contempo Aesthetics at the LAMCA

Dr. Alex with Drs. Anil Rajani, Kian Karimi, and Steve Weiner at the LAMCA  Dr. Alex with Drs. Kevin Sadati, Steve Weiner, and Anil Rajani at the LAMCA

Dr. Alex with Shae Kaplan at the LAMCA  Dr. Alex with Nai'a Bradshaw at the Alastin booth at the LAMCA

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