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By Dr. Alex Eshaghian
February 26, 2017
Category: Services
Tags: toenail fungus  


Toenail fungus is a common concern for many people with some estimates saying that it occurs in 10% of the population. Toenail fungus can be infectious and leads to an abnormal appearance of the nail. Traditional medications have a number of possible side effects and are moderately effective. Now with the power of lasers, we are able to treat toenail fungus easily and effectively.

What causes toenail fungus?


Toenail fungus occurs when the fungus gets on the toes and starts to grow. This happens commonly when walking barefoot in areas where it grows well such as public restrooms or gym locker rooms.

How does laser toenail fungus treatment work?

The laser for toenail fungus treatment uses gentle micro-pulses of infrared to deliver energy to the nail bed. The energy gently heats up the nail bed and once enough energy is delivered to the area, the fungus is killed and will no longer grow. As the nail grows over time the affected areas will move further from the base of the nail toward the tip of the nail and eventually full clearance is seen.

How many laser toenail fungus treatments will I need?

Depending on the severity of the infection, most people will require anywhere from one to three laser toenail fungus treatments. Laser toenail fungus treatments are performed every one to three months.

Does the laser toenail fungus treatment hurt?

The laser toenail fungus treatment takes about 15 minutes. You will feel the nail slowly warming up. It is tolerated very well.

When will I see the results of the laser toenail fungus treatment?

Once the toenail fungus treatment is killed, it will no longer grow in the nail. However, the abnormal appearance will be present until the nail grows out completely. This does require patience as it could take up to 12 months to see the final results of the laser toenail fungus treatment.

What can I do to ensure the laser toenail fungus treatment is successful?

Dr. Alex also recommends a topical product that is applied twice daily which will further enhance the results. The toenail fungus grows best in hot and humid environments. Therefore, it is important to prevent this by keeping the feet dry and cool. Wash your feet after exercising or sweating and make sure they are completely dry by using a towel and/or blow dryer. Avoid wearing socks to sleep and avoid walking barefoot in areas such as restrooms and gym locker rooms.

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