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By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
April 24, 2016
Category: treatments

hand rejuvenation before and afterIt has been said that the appearance of your hands is one of the biggest age giveaways on your body. Now that so much cosmetic work is done on the face, when people look at your hands and they don't match your face it can be a dead giveaway. Now you can turn back the hands of time with hand rejuvenation.

What happens to the hands as we age?

Age we age, we see multiple changes in the hands. Just like in the face where we lose volume in areas such as the cheeks we also lose volume on the backs of the hands. This makes the tendons and veins more and more visible. Also sun damage creates wrinkles and dark spots on the surface.

How do you reverse aging in the hands?

The skin on the hands can be treated very much like the skin on the face. Volume loss can be addressed with fillers and sun damage can be addressed with laser treatments and skin care products. A number of different fillers can be used in the hands such as fat and Radiesse. Dr. Alex prefers using Juvéderm because it is made of hyaluronic acid, which can be dissolved if there are any problems. This makes it safer for our patients. The sun damage is treated quite easily with the Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment, which uses bright light to target dark spots that frequently appear on the backs of the hands.

When do you see results with hand rejuvenation?

Juvederm before and afterWith fillers in the hands the results are seen right away. There is an initial amount of swelling that goes away after about two weeks, which is when the final results are seen. This is the best time to reassess the hands to see if more fillers are required. After a Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment treatment the dark spots often get darker before they get lighter. Sometimes you see a coffee ground appearance and they flake off. Other times the pigment is absorbed by the skin. This can take up to two weeks to clear.

Does the hand rejuvenation treatment hurt?

Dr. Alex uses a painless technique when performing hand fillers. An anesthetic is injected into the back of the hand to keep you comfortable and he uses a blunt cannula instead of a sharp needle. This decreases discomfort and the risk for bruising. Also topical numbing cream is applied to the backs of the hands to keep you comfortable during the Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment.

How long do the hand rejuvenation results last?

Voluma before and afterMost people enjoy the results of fillers such as Juvéderm in the hands for six to twelve months. The more active you are with your hands the more frequently you will require a maintenance treatment. For the dark spots, most people enjoy results with just a single Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment treatment, but some people require a series of up to six treatments. After that maintenance treatments are done once every three to six months.

Am I a good candidate for hand rejuvenation?

If you have visible veins or tendons on the backs of your hands or if you have wrinkles or sun spots you are a good candidate for hand rejuvenation. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
October 18, 2015
Category: Services
Tags: IPL   Forever Young BBL   photofacial  

Forever Young BBL before and afterWhat is the difference between a Forever Young BBL treatment and an IPL photofacial treatment?

This is one of the most common questions we receive and a very good one.

The Sciton Forever Young BBL treatment is safe

The Sciton Forever Young BBL system has a number of distinguishing features that provide increased safety for the treatment. The system has a large crystal to allows for large areas to be treated in one session. The repetition rate is also extremely fast allowing this large area to be treated quickly. As a result, using the Sciton Forever Young BBL system Dr. Alex can treat the same area two or even three times using gentler settings instead of once with high settings. Not only does this make the treatment more comfortable but also more safe, as it decreases risks for side effects such as burns, scars, and discolorations.

The Sciton Forever Young BBL treatment allows for treatment of people with many different skin types

The Sciton Forever Young BBL system uses smart filters that can be changed in seconds. These filters allow Dr. Alex to change the color of the light that is being used in the treatment. People with darker skin types can be sensitive to certain colors of light while those with lighter skin types can tolerate these colors. The smart filters allow for safe treatment of many different skin types.

The Sciton Forever Young BBL treatment can also do skin tightening, hair removal, and treat acne

The Sciton Forever Young BBL system also comes with filters to allow for treatment of acne, unwanted hair, and wrinkles (skin tightening) on the same device. These treatments can even be done on the same day as a treatment for brown spots or redness. This versatility distinguishes the Sciton Forever Young BBL from other IPL photofacial devices.

The Sciton Forever Young BBL treatment allows for precise treatments of age spots and broken capillaries

The Sciton Forever Young BBL has finesse adaptors such as the small square adaptor and the round adaptor. The square adaptor is one third the size of the crystal and allows for effective treatment of curved surfaces such as the forehead. It can also be used to provide stronger settings for improved results while maintaining patient comfort. The round adaptor allows for treatments of small dark spots or broken capillaries without affecting the surrounding skin.

The Sciton Forever Young BBL treatment allows Dr. Alex to adjust settings for each patient

Unlike other IPL photofacial devices, the Sciton Forever Young BBL systems allows Dr. Alex to adjust many settings during the treatment. These include the energy setting (fluence), the length of time the light is on (pulse width), and the temperature of the crystal within one degree Celsius. This allows Dr. Alex to fine tune the settings to provide the best results for our patients.

The Forever Young BBL treatment is the most popular treatment at A E Skin. Dr. Alex has performed over 5,000 Forever Young BBL treatments on various skin types for multiple concerns. He has also given lectures on the topic. See some before and after pictures and the IPL photofacial informational video as well as IPL photofacial testimonial videos to see why patients love the Sciton Forever Young BBL photofacial treatment. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

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