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By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
June 30, 2015
Category: Services

Find out how this treatment can improve skin tone, elasticity, and firmness.

Forever Young BBL IPL treatment allows Dr. Alex to target signs of aging and sun damage on faceskin by heating the outer layers of the skin and stimulating the production of new collagen. This new collagen will help to increase skin elasticity and firmness while also promising a smoother look.

What skin problems does Forever Young BBL IPL treat?

This photofacial treatment can target a variety of skin conditions including freckles, age spots, acne, minor skin sagging, broken capillaries, uneven skin tone, and unwanted hair. This IPL treatment effectively treats skin on the face, neck, chest, shoulders and even the backs of the hands.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

This will depend on the severity of your issue and what areas of the body you are looking to treat. On average, Dr. Alex may recommend anywhere from three to six treatments, which are spread out over several months.

What should I expect when I get the Forever Young BBL IPL treatment?

When you come in for your Forever Young BBL IPL treatment we will first place safety shields over your eyes to protect them against the laser. Then we will glide the light beam over the treatment areas. The photofacial treatment only takes a few minutes to complete.

Does this procedure hurt?

While this procedure is gentle on skin, some patients report a warming sensation during their treatment. At A E Skin we apply complimentary numbing cream to provide a painless technique.

Is there a recovery period after treatment?

What makes this cosmetic treatment ideal for many of our patients is that there is no downtime because this procedure is non-invasive. This means that many of our patients are able to return to their daily activities right away.

If you want to target aging or sun damage then it’s time to find out if Forever Young BBL IPL treatment is right for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
June 07, 2015
Category: About Your Skin
Tags: Laser   Juvederm   Botox   Ultherapy   Skin Tightening   Skin care   Voluma   fractional  

Face it, we all hate those wrinkles that form on the face and other areas over time. Here are ten tips to prevent and reduce those unwanted wrinkles.

  1. Sunscreen. Use a sunscreen with a minimun SPF of 30 everyday. This will help prevent further damage and keep the wrinkles from getting worse. If you don't use sunscreen, you're fighting an uphill battle. The Elta MD sunscreens are outstanding choices.
  2. Retinoids. Retinoid products such as retinol and retin-A will stimulate collagen production, which naturally slows down over time. This new collagen will tighten up those wrinkles. The A E Skin Brightening Cream contains retin-A with two other brightening agents.
  3. Antioxidants. Antioxidants such as vitamin C help reduce the damage caused by sun, chemicals, and polution in the air. The damage causes breakdown of collagen via free radicals. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals and block this. Vitamin C is also a cofactor for collagen formation. The A E Skin Triple Antioxidant Serum contains the most active form of vitamin C and is prepared so that it penetrates into the deep layers of the skin effectively.
  4. Healthy Lifestyle. The importance of a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized. This includes eating a healthy diet, drinking enough water, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and avoiding bad habits such as smoking. Smoking has been shown to cause wrinkles in the skin in twin studies.
  5. Botox. Botox is a quick and easy treatment to address wrinkles that are formed when we make facial expressions. The most common areas treated with Botox are the horizontal lines on the forehead seen when we raise our eyebrows, the vertical lines between the brows seen when we frown, and the crows feet around the eyes seen when we smile. Results from a Botox treatment can be seen in as early as a few days and you will enjoy your results for three to four months. Click here to watch a Botox treatment demonstration video.
  6. Voluma. Voluma is one of the newer fillers now available for mid-face enhancement. Voluma replaces the volume and structure that is lost in the cheeks naturally over time. This pulls the lower half of the face up and gives you back the apple of your cheeks. Often times after a Voluma treatment, the lift can be seen right away and you will enjoy your results for up to two years.
  7. Juvederm. Juvederm is perhaps the best filler for treating the smile lines, the lines that go from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth. Sometimes these lines continue all the way to the jawline. When combined with Voluma, Juvederm treatments will provide you with a refreshed, healthy, and rested appearance. You will enjoy your Juvederm results for up to 15 months.
  8. Ultherapy. Ultherapy is an exciting non-surgical facelift alternative that uses the power of ultrasound to provide focused and targeted energy to stimulate new, fresh, and healthy collagen into the deeper layers of the skin without any recovery time. Results with Ultherapy are seen over three to six months after a treatment and you will enjoy your results for a few years.
  9. Laser Skin Tightening. Laser skin tightening is a great way to reduce those fines lines and wrinkles as well as enlarged pores. It also works well on redness and broken capillaries. There is no down time and most people do a series of three to six treatments every two weeks for best results.
  10. Fractional Laser. Fractional laser treatments such as the Pro Fractional Therapy create microscopic holes in the skin. These holes create a tiny wound, and the body reacts to the wound by building new collagen. Since the whole skin surface is not treated, the recovery is much shorter than traditional laser resurfacing treatments. On the other hand, more treatments are required.

Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex to customize a program to address your skin.

By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
May 24, 2015
Category: Services
Tags: Laser   tattoo removal  

The R20 technique for laser tattoo removal is a method described in the last few years to treat unwanted tattoos more quickly. Tattoo removal has traditionally been very difficult. This is because tattoos are designed to be permanent. Also tattoo particles are very small, making them hard to target with traditional lasers. Newer lasers called Q-switched (or quality switched) have been designed to remove these small particles. The energy shatters the tattoo particle into small pieces that are slowly removed by the body. Even with this design, it can take over ten treatments to completely remove a tattoo. Some newer models with picosecond settings such as Picosure by Cynosure, Picoway by Syneron-Candela, and Enlighten by Cutera modify the settings even further to treat smaller particles, and fewer treatments are needed. But these new technologies are very expensive and may be price-prohibitive for many people who want to remove tattoos. The R20 laser tattoo removal technique uses the traditional Q-switched lasers to treat the tattoo four times in one day. R20 stands for repeat 20, which means that the treatment is repeated every 20 minutes. Since a very large amount of energy is put into the skin, laser tattoo removal can be uncomfortable, so the skin is numbed prior to the treatment. Cold air during the treatment further helps with comfort. Also, during the 20 minutes between each treatment, the area is kept cold with ice. The R20 laser tattoo removal technique has been shown to remove tattoos in as few as 3 treatments.

There are several factors that can affect how easily a tattoo is removed:

  • Ink Color - Colors such as black and red are easier to remove than blue, green, and white.
  • Number of Colors - The more colors there are in a tattoo, the more difficult it is to remove.
  • Type of Ink - Professional tattoos are more difficult to treat than amateur tattoos.
  • Depth of the Ink and Number of Layers - Tattoos that are deeper in the skin are not removed as easily as those closer to the surface, and if there is a tattoo over a another previous one, removal is more difficult.
  • Amount of Ink - Of course the amount of ink that is used will affect the tattoo removal treatment; more ink will require more treatments.
  • Location - Tattoos closer to the heart such as those on the chest are cleared more quickly by the body and require fewer treatments. Tattoos on the ankles and feet take the longest for the body to clear.
  • Skin Color - The person's skin type will affect the tattoo removal process. People with darker skin may have complications such as darkening or lightening of the surrounding skin after the treatment.

With all of these challenges, it is important to understand how difficult it is to remove a tattoo, even with new techniques such as the R20 laser tattoo removal technique and new technologies such as picosecond lasers. So be sure that you really want the tattoo before getting it. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
May 17, 2015
Category: Services
Tags: Laser   Skin Tightening  

At A E Skin we are now offering an exciting new treatment - Photorejuvenation Skin Tightening. This innovative technology is a modification of the laser skin tightening treatment and uses gentle laser micropulses to slowly heat up the skin, which stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the protein in the skin that keeps the skin firm and tight, providing the youthful appearance we want. Collagen is naturally lost over time which leads to loose skin, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. By stimulating new, fresh, and healthy collagen, the photorejuvenation treatment will reverse the effects of aging by treating enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and even acne scars. The heat generated from the photorejuventation treatment is also absorbed by broken capillaries and tiny blood vessels, which also helps with redness or rosacea. You can expect an improved complexion with a more radiant glow and tightened pores, often times this is seen right away. Photorejuvenation Skin Tightening is non-surgical and non-invasive. There is zero pain (we don't even need numbing cream) and zero downtime. Some people experience redness after the treatment, but this is usually gone in less than an hour. So you can go to work right away! The most common areas treated are the face and neck. Photorejuvenation Skin Tightening treatments can be performed as frequently as every two weeks and most people do an initial series of four to six treatments for optimal results followed by maintenance treatments once every three months. The results from a single Photorejuvenation Skin Tightening treatment can be very subtle so it is important to complete a series of treatments. Since the results are seen over time it never looks like you had anything done. Your friends will compliment you on how rested and refreshed you look. The Photorejuvenation Skin Tightening treatments are fast, the full face takes less than ten minutes! Additionally, the photorejuvenation treatment is safe for all skin types. One of the best things about the photorejuvenation treatment is that it can be combined with other treatments. The most popular combination is the Tight and Bright Rejuvenation, which combines the Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment with the Photorejuvenation Skin Tightening treatment. The Photorejuvenation Skin Tightening will enhance the results of the Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatment by improving redness and enlarged pores. The results of this combination are quite impressive. The Photorejuvenation Skin Tightening treatment will also further enhance improvements in fine lines and wrinkles that are treated with BotoxJuvederm, and Voluma. At A E Skin all treatments are performed by Dr. Alex, who has performed over 5,000 laser treatments and teaches others on laser treatments. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

Dr. Alex with the Sciton laserLast week I performed my 3,000th Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial treatment, another great milestone for A E Skin. We have helped so many people and learned so many things from doing so many treatments. The Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial is an outstanding treatment for facial rejuvenation. Studies have even shown that it changes the skin genetically to look more youthful. The Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial treatment works well for sun damage in the form of dark spots or sun spots. It also works for redness from rosacea and broken capillaries, closes enlarged pores, and tightens the skin to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Using the Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial, just about any skin type can be treated. It has a large spot size and pulses very quickly, allowing for the treatment of an entire face in three to four treatments. And the face is not the only place that can be treated. Just about anywhere on the body can be treated. Other commonly treated areas are the upper chest and the back of the hands. Impressive results can be seen over time with three to six treatments, but many people see improvement in just a single treatment. It is an easy an comfortable treatment because we use numbing cream and cold air for patient comfort. And there is virtually no downtime; most people go to work the next day. The Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial can be combined with a Micro Laser Peel for the Soft and Smooth Rejuvenation treatment for even better results. Take a look at some of the before and after pictures for yourself. Using skin care products to complement the Forever Young BBL IPL Photofacial treatment will enhance the results further. We are looking forward to many more treatments and many more happy patients. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

February is Black History Month, making it a perfect time to discuss treatments and products for those with dark skin. The most common concern for people with Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI is dark discoloration or hyperpigmentation, usually from sun exposure. Therefore the most important product to use is sunscreen daily with an SPF of at least 30. Brightening products containing hydroquinone, kojic acid, and alpha-arbutin as well as antioxidants such as vitamin C provide further improvement. Certain treatments such as IPL photofacials and certain resurfacing treatments should also be avoided in these skin types. Full field and fractional resurfacing with CO2 lasers (such as Fraxel re:pair) and YSGG (Cutera Pearl) create a lot of heat in the skin and can lead to worsening of the discoloration. However resurfacing with an erbium laser such as the Sciton Pro Fractional does not create heat and is safe for dark skin types. Such resurfacing can provide improvement for texture and color concerns. Light chemical peels work well too. Please contact us for a free consultation (818-835-1833

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