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Cedilia, Karla, and Nora display the A E Skin Best Medical Spa in Encino awards for 2013 and 2014A E Skin has been named Best Medical Spa in Encino, CA for the second year in a row by the Encino Awards Program. This is an annual award honoring accomplishments and achievements of businesses in Encino. By winning the award two years in a row A E Skin has been inducted into the Encino Business Hall of Fame. A E Skin is proud of our accomplishments including these awards and we know that it is only possible through providing outstanding service to our patients.

A E Skin is a professional medical spa located in Encino, CA offering a variety of skin care treatments and products. The A E Skin philosophy is to treat each patient individually. After all, everyone’s skin is different. Following a comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD designs a personalized plan specific for each person.

At most medical spas, patients are treated by nurses or aestheticians, but at A E Skin you will see the doctor every time. Dr. Alex has performed thousands of treatments and his goal is to make people look and feel their best using a non-surgical approach, leading to outstanding results with minimal recovery time. At A E Skin we focus on providing outstanding results as seen by our before and after pictures. Additionally, patient satisfaction is a top priority, which is why we have so many outstanding reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google Plus.

“WOW!! People search far and wide for the type of treatment, service and products that you will find here with Dr. Alex.” Delanie C., Woodland Hills, CA

“I have no words to express my gratitude to Dr. Alex. My skin has improved so much since he has treated my face.” Carmen G., Sherman Oaks, CA

Comfort, convenience, and customization are what sets A E Skin apart from other medical spas. We always use products such as numbing cream, ice, and cold air to keep patients comfortable throughout their treatments. We are available on evenings and weekends for those who can not take time off from work. And we always take high quality before and after pictures so patients can see their own transformations.

Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

June 18, 2014
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Dr. Alex with his assistants Darcelle, Alondra, and Michelle A. at the 2013 A E Skin Red Carpet Event We all know that cosmetic treatments are a luxury; after all, no one will die from not having Botox or laser hair removal. Therefore the service and experience is very important. At A E Skin patient satisfaction is a top priority and we focus on providing outstanding results for every patient with every treatment. This is part of the reason why you will see Dr. Alex every time. He has done thousands of cosmetic treatments such as Botox, Juvederm, and Forever Young BBL IPL photofacial treatments; and only does cosmetic treatments. You will not see a nurse or even a different type of doctor like a gynecologist who does cosmetic treatments on the side. Our patients are comfortable and satisfied because they know that Dr. Alex focuses exclusively on cosmetic treatments and the results are as important to him as his patients. Take a look at our before and after galleries for Botox, Juvederm, Juvederm Voluma, laser treatments, Ultherapy, Freeze the Fat, and skin care. Our patients do not need to worry about ineffective treatments. For example, patients who get Botox treatments with recommended doses and are not satisfied with the results receive free touch ups. At A E Skin we feel that patients deserve the results they pay for and expect. Comfort is also important to our patients and we understand that, which is why Dr. Alex uses a painless Botox technique, applies numbing cream for all laser treatments (without additional charges), and uses chemical peels that contain numbing ingredients. See what others are saying on Yelp, Google Plus, and Citysearch. If you love social media, you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We even offer zero percent financing for one year for those with good credit. These are some of the reasons why A E Skin won Best Medical Spa in Encino in 2013. Contact us (818-835-1833) for a free consultation with Dr. Alex to start your journey to a new, younger looking you.

June 18, 2014
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Barclay cardA new financing option is now available at A E Skin for those ready to look and feel their best. Face it, we all want to look better to improve our confidence and self-esteem, which helps both at work and in our personal lives. Unfortunately the price has been prohibitive for many people … until now. Now those with good credit are able to finance their dreams at zero percent interest, yes zero percent interest, for the first 12 months. The Barclay credit card is now available for instant approval and can be used for all procedures at A E Skin. This allows out patients to start their personal rejuvenation long before payment is even due. There are many other benefits to the Barclay card including earning extra miles for travel and dining purchases and a complimentary one year subscription to Tripit Pro mobile travel organizer ($ 49 value). The best part is that you get $ 100 cash back after you charge $ 1,000 in the first 90 days. Click here for more information and instant approval. Contact us for a free consultation.

For the second year in a row, A E Skin has been nominated for Best Aesthetic Practice by the Aesthetic Show. This prestigious award “recognizes the outstanding  efforts of a team to build and grow an exceptional aesthetic practice.” The winner is determined by public vote. All you need is your name, telephone number, and e-mail address; it takes less than one minute. Click here to vote for A E Skin. The winner will be announced at the Aesthetic Show in July 2014 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Winners will be featured in an Aesthetic TV episode, included in the Aesthetic Show public relations campaign, featured in the Aesthetic Guide, and receive a trophy to display in the office. A E Skin won the award in Los Angeles, CA in 2012 at the Aesthetic Academy in Beverly Hills, CA and this year we are looking to win it on a national scale. The Aesthetic Show is an annual event held in Las Vegas, NV attracting cosmetic doctors and their practices to highlight the newest technologies, treatments, and products in aesthetics. The Aesthetic Academy is a smaller scale event and this year will be held in San Francisco, CA during Valentine’s day weekend. Thank you for your support! 

The Aesthetic GuideDr. Alex is featured in the Winter issue of The Aesthetic Guide, the leading aesthetic practice resource for cosmetic doctors. One section featured Aesthetic TV’s Red Carpet Hollywood Mixer, where Dr. Alex was interviewed on the Red Carpet and spent time with other Hollywood A-list physicians such as Dr. Andrew Ordon from the television show The Doctors. The other section that featured Dr. Alex was an article entitled “The Aesthetic Academy Trains Elite Certified Practices.” One part of the articles discusses the Certified Aesthetic Consultant certification course. This course develops doctors and their staff to create outstanding practices. Dr. Alex has gained invaluable experience from attending the Aesthetic Show in Las Vegas, NV for the past three years as well as The Aesthetic Academy in Los Angeles in 2012, where A E Skin won Best Aesthetic Practice. Dr. Alex will be attending the Aesthetic Academy in San Francisco, CA February 15-16, 2014 with his office manager Nora. During this conference they will learn about lasers, injectables, and practice management. We look forward to the Aesthetic Show at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, NV in 2014. 

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