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By Dr. Alex Eshaghian
February 10, 2019
Category: Events
Tags: Real Self   RealSelf   Hall of Fame  

RealSelf Hall of FameWe are excited to announce that Dr. Alex has been inducted into the RealSelf Hall of Fame.

What is RealSelf?

RealSelf is an online community which allows people to share their experiences about surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. RealSelf allows patient to ask questions which are answered by actual doctors who routinely perform cosmetic treatments. Tens of thousands of doctors from around the world participate on RealSelf, providing a wealth of information for those doing research on treatments they are considering. Doctors and patients can share before and after pictures and RealSelf has thousands of treatment-related videos providing even more information.

How did Dr. Alex get selected for the RealSelf Hall of Fame?

Dr. Alex enjoys engaging with patient both in person and digitally online and on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and RealSelf. Dr. Alex regularly attends seminars and conferences to learn about what is new in aesthetics. Each time he incorporates something new into his practices and tells his patients about it. On RealSelf, Dr. Alex has answered thousands of patient questions and uploaded hundreds of before and after pictures and treatment-related videos. Additionally, Dr. Alex is honored to have a perfect 5-star rating from actual patients on RealSelf.

Dr. Alex was first distinguished by becoming a RealSelf 100 honoree in 2017. An award launched in 2010, the RealSelf 100 honors “the top-rated and most engaged aesthetic doctors on RealSelf.” This is based on answering patient questions, sharing before and after pictures, and earning reviews with an average of at least four stars. The RealSelf Hall of Fame inductees rank among the top five percent of engagement on the platform, providing over 1.8 million answers to patient questions, uploading nearly 200,000 before and after pictures, and acquiring over 50,000 patient reviews.

Dr. Alex received a plaque honoring him as becoming a member of the RealSelf Hall of Fame, he was mentioned on the RealSelf Hall of Fame web page, and his name was placed on the Times Square jumbotron in New York city. More information is available on the official RealSelf press release.

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Dr. Alex has performed over 10,000 cosmetic treatments with many satisfied patients. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Alex in our Encino, CA office.

By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
April 16, 2017
Category: Events
Tags: Real Self   Top Doctor  

Real Self Top DoctorDr. Alex has been named a Top Doctor by Real Self.

What is Real Self?

Founded in 2006, Real Self is an online community of cosmetic physicians and their patients which provides information and insight from actual doctors. Cosmetic treatments have become more and more common in the United States and around the world in recent years and there is a lot of information as well as misinformation online. Real Self is designed for doctors to provide answers to questions from the public, providing the most accurate information regarding cosmetic treatments. Over one million questions have been answered on Real Self. Most questions have responses from multiple doctors, allowing the community to learn about various views and approaches. Real Self also allows people to share their experiences with others including photographs. Doctors also upload their before and after photograph and videos, allowing the Real Self community to see results and how treatments are performed.

Top Doctor Status

Top Doctor status is given to 10% of the doctors who demonstrate a commitment to supporting the Real Self community by answering questions, uploading photographs and videos, and receiving reviews from patients. Dr. Alex has been honored by answering over 1,300 questions and uploading 65 before and after photographs and 116 videos. Many of the questions are also answered in Dr. Alex’s question of the day available on our Instagram Story (A_E_Skin) and Snapchat (AE_Skin). Click here to see Dr. Alex’s Real Self profile.

Dr. Alex has performed over 10,000 cosmetic treatment with many satisfied patients. Contact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex in our Encino, CA office.

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