I Don't See Results

"I don't see results" is one of the most common comments we receive from patients. There are a number of reasons why patients do not see results after a treatment. The most common reason is that it usually takes several weeks to see improvement. Since mose people look in the mirror and see themselves every day, they remember what they looked like the day before, not several weeks before. This is the main reason why we take before and after pictures at every visit. Many of our patients are pleasantly surprised when they see their own transformation in front of them. The most common reason people do not see results after a Botox treatment is that it has not completely set in yet. Botox can take up to a full two weeks to completely set in. We have had a number of patients not see full results even at ten days, but when they return at fourteen days the results are perfect. Therefore it is important to be patient. Additionally, it is important to understand what to look for after a treatment. Sometimes we have patients complaining that they did not peel after a treatment. Other times we have patients complaining that they did peel after a treatment. It is important to understand that the most important thing to look for is improvement several weeks after a treatment. This is seen in the before and after pictures and again it is why we take them. Some people get peeling and flaking after a treatment and some people do not. This depends on a variety of factors such as the persons skin type, the depth of the damage in the skin, the skin care regimen used, and many others. It should be clear that we want to see improvement as demonstrated by photographs. As a matter of fact, at A E Skin this improvement is so important that we offer guarantees based on the photographs. For example, if a Botox treatment is not perfect two weeks after a treatment with the recommended dose, we provide free touch ups. Also, if there is no improvement after the recommended series of laser treatments as indicated by the before and after photographs we provide free treatments until there is an improvement. At A E Skin we are not satisfied until we see results. That being said, with our experience, hard work, service-oriented attitude, and care, we rarely need to offer such free treatments. But we want to make sure that our patients are completely satisfied and that patients can count on us to deliver the value they invested in. Contact Us for a free consultation with Dr. Alexto see for yourself.

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