Summer Skin Care

The summer is now here and it is important to know what skin care products to use this season. Often times the days are more humid, so some people prefer using a lighter moisturizer such as the Elta MD AM Therapy during the daytime. But the biggest changed to your skin care regimen have to do with your behavior. During the summer, the weather is warmer and people tend to spend more time outside. So sunscreen use becomes very important. It is not that there is no sun during the other seasons; in fact you can get a sunburn during the winter and sunscreen should be used every day, year round. But if you are outdoors for prolonged periods, you will need to reapply your sunscreen every one to two hours. One of our most popular sunscreens is the Elta MD UV Clearbecause it is light and rubs in easily with an SPF of 46. This is because it contains a micronized zinc formultation, so it does not leave a thick white residue that you often see in other sunscreens with high SPF values. It also contains nicainamide, or vitamin B3, which calms the skin and decreases redness. It has a very calming feel on the skin. The Elta MD UV Physical and UV Daily Tinted are alternatives with tint for those who want a sunscreen that acts as a makeup primer. The UV Physical has a matte finish while the UV Daily Tinted is more hydrating in feel. While applying sunscreen to the face, be sure to take care of your body too. Any areas of skin that are exposed to the sun need to be protected. The Elta MD UV Aero sunscreen is a fantastic product. It comes in a spray bottle that is used from the neck down. It is easy to spray onto the skin and rubs in smoothly and nicely. People love if because you don't have to rub your entire body. The Elta MD UV Lip Balm is another great product that both moisturizes the lip and provides sun protection. It has a very mild mint flavor that people enjoy. Check out the Elta MD Skin care products we carry at A E SkinContact us for a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

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