Instaglow Enhancements

Have you heard about the new Instaglow Facial treatment? Now enhancements are available to make your results even better. Keep reading to learn more.

What is the Instaglow Facial treatment?

The Instaglow Facial is a new treatment available to address fine lines, wrinkles, uneven color, irregular texture, enlarged pores, and redness. It uses a small device to infuse a customized blend of anti-aging ingredients into your skin. The Instaglow Facial is virtually painless, it has no recovery time, and you’ll notice an immediate glow. The device consists of fa small vial. On the cap there are tiny needles half a millimeter long and thinner than a human hair. These needles penetrate into the surface layers of your skin to delivery a variety of products. This allows the products to bypass the thin layer of dead skin cell on the surface that limits the penetration of topical products. Unlike traditional microneedling, with the Instaglow Facial the needles are much shorter, so there’s no bleeding or prolonged redness and recovery time. Also, the needles in the Instaglow Facial have holes to allow for delivery of products into the surface layers of your skin.

What else can the Instaglow Facial treat?

The Instaglow Facial is also used as a delivery system for products. There are tiny holes made in your skin. Immediately after the treatment, certain liquid products can be applied topically directly on your skin. This way, the products can penetrate through the tiny holes and get deeper into your skin, making them more effective. This allows for treatment of different conditions. For example, brightening ingredients such as hydroquinone can be applied directly yon your skin immediately after the Instaglow Facial treatment. This will treat sun spots and is particularly good for melasma, a common condition characterized by the appearance of dark patches on the skin. Other products such as salicylic acid can be applied to your skin immediately after your Instaglow Facial treatment. Salicylic acid is particularly good for oily skin and acne. When it penetrates deeper it can work for cystic acne. These enhancements are easy to do and provide further benefit to your skin.

 The Instaglow Facial treatment is an outstanding treatment to enhance any skin type and address virtually any concern you may have. Dr. Alex recommends an initial series of six Instaglow Facial treatments done every two to four weeks, followed by a single Instaglow Facial every three months as maintenance. You can also have an additional Instaglow Facial treatment the day before an important event to look you best.

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