Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum

Are you looking for a topical product to even out your skin tone and help with pigmentation. Keep reading to learn about the Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum.

Uneven color is one of the most common concerns we see. It’s mostly from sun damage, which creates dark spots on your skin. The Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum is clinically proven to brighten your skin, giving it a more even tone and luminous complexion. The Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum also helps with redness. Over 85% of participants in the stud said their skin looked brighter after four weeks of use, their dark spots diminished and their skin tone evened out after eight weeks of use, and the overall appearance of their skin improved after eight weeks of use.

The Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum is a great alternative for people who are sensitive to some of the stronger and more effective products such as hydroquinone and retinol. The key ingredients in the Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum include a proprietary PATH-3 technology, tranexamic acid, niacinamide, and antioxidants. These work to reduce pigmentation, decrease redness, and prevent sun damage. The Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum does not contain hydroquinone or retinol so it won’t irritate your skin. It also contains silver mushroom extract, which hydrates your skin.

You can use the Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum twice daily after washing your face. Be sure to apply a moisturizer immediately after twice daily and sunscreen in the morning. The Alastin A-Luminate Brightening Serum is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

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