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By Dr. Alex Eshaghian, MD, PhD
January 27, 2019
Category: Events
Tags: AACD  

Dr. Alex with Dr. Patrick BitterDr. Alex attended the fifth annual Advanced Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology (AACD) conference January 25-27, 2019 at the Marina del Rey Hotel in Marina del Rey, CA. This was the second consecutive year Dr. Alex attended this conference and it was outstanding.

The AACD is a multi-specialty conference bringing together doctors from various fields to discuss what’s new in aesthetics. The course chairman is renowned Los Angeles dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Moy and the program director is Angela O’Mara from the Professional Image and the Aesthetic Insider.

The AACD was another opportunity for Dr. Alex to learn about the newest techniques and technologies available. The program started with a practice marketing summit with speakers from a variety of marketing companies. Dr. Alex learned how to continue and even better provide an outstanding experience for our patients. This was followed by a series of scientific presentations. Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., pioneer of IPL technology shared the newest innovations in the use of IPL. These include new settings for wrinkles, skin tightening, treating dark spots, and the use of IPL technology for feminine rejuvenation, male enhancement, and pain management. There were also several talks about the best use of fillers for facial rejuvenation. Fillers are used in many places on the face, some of the most popular areas of treatment include the cheeks and lips. The trend in 2019 is using fillers in the upper face to fill hollow temples and lift the brows and in the lower face in the chin and jawline to enhance jawline definition. One of the unique features of this conference is the live demonstrations that featured filler treatments on the entire face as well as laser treatments to tighten the skin. The exhibit hall featured a number of companies in the aesthetic field such as Alastin, makers of the Skin Nectar, Hydratint sunscreen, and new Transform body treatment. A new product called Defenage was on display. This contains peptides called defensins which aid in wound healing and rejuvenate the skin.

Dr. Alex enjoyed this conference as always and learned a lot. He will use some of the new techniques he learned to better treat his patients. Dr. Alex looks forward to more such events. The next major event is the Los Angeles Multispecialty Cosmetic Academy (LAMCA) in March 2019 at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills, chaired by Dr. Kian Karimi.

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