What is Painless Botox?

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Painless Botox is a technique developed by Dr. Alex to make an otherwise uncomfortable treatment easy. At A E Skin patient satisfaction is a top priority and we want all of our patients to get outstanding results while at the same time enjoying their experience. There are multiple components to making the Botox treatment painless. First we prepare our Botox using preserved saline which makes the Botox injection itself more comfortable. Second, we use the smallest of needles so that our patients barely feel the Botox injection anyway. The technique used by Dr. Alex when injecting Botox is to squeeze the area and move it back and forth as a distraction, similar to when dentists rub the lips before injections. By performing the Botox injections at an angle and with a slight twist of the wrist, the needle goes into the skin easier and is more comfortable. Dr. Alex learned these various techniques by continuing education at seminars he regularly attends. The most unique part of the painless Botox technique was developed by Dr. Alex himself. Dr. Alex has done thousands of laser treatments and he uses cold air during the treatments to numb the skin without touching the skin with an ice pack (which can contaminate the skin and lead to infections). Dr. Alex has learned that the cold air numbs the skin for other treatments as well and now uses it for Botox treatments. You can see the painless Botox technique for yourself in this video. Why get a Botox treatment when you can get a painless Botox treatment? We are offering exclusive specials at our Botox Bonanza on Tuesday January 27, 2015 and Thursday January 29, 2015. Contact us to schedule an appointment or a free consultation with Dr. Alex.

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