Hi-Pure Technology in Jeveau #newtox by Evolus

Jeveau #newtox by Evolus is the newest alternative to Botox now available in the United States and it uses a new technology called Hi-Pure.

What is Jeveau #newtox by Evolus?

Jeveau #newtox by Evolus is the first alternative to Botox available in the United States in nearly ten years. The other two alternatives to Botox available in the United States are Dysport and Xeomin. Like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, Jeveau #newtox by Evolus treats wrinkles that are associated with facial expression. These include the horizontal wrinkles seen on your forehead when you raise your eyebrows, the vertical wrinkles seen between your eyebrows when you frown, and the crow’s feet seen around your eyes when you smile or squint.

What is different about Jeveau #newtox by Evolus?

Unlike Dysport and Xeomin, the protein Jeveau #newtox by Evolus is the exact same size as the protein in Botox. This makes them act almost exactly the same. In fact, the studies showed that over a period of five months the results are the same with Jeveau #newtox by Evolus as compared with Botox. Also, the safety profile of the two products were the same and the patient satisfaction was the same. The biggest difference between Jeveau #newtox by Evolus and Botox is the Hi-Pure technology used to manufacture the product.

What is Hi-Pure technology?

The way that Botox, Jeveau #newtox by Evolus, Dysport, and Xeomin are prepared is very meticulous. There are many steps involved to make sure that the products are safe. Once a product is approved by the FDA, the company may not change the preparation of the product, even if it is better, without investing a lot of money on research and development. It has been about ten years since the release of an alternative to Botox in the United States, and in that time a lot of new technology to purify proteins has been developed. This includes Hi-Pure technology used to prepare Jeveau #newtox by Evolus. The Hi-Pure technology used to prepare Jeveau #newtox by Evolus involves additional steps such as additional acid precipitation, treatment to remove other proteins, and something called anion exchange chromatography. This is very scientific and what it means is that the product is much purer and theoretically safer. Jeveau #newtox by Evolus using the Hi-Pure technology was tested to find side effects (adverse events) on mice and it was found that twice as much Jeveau #newtox by Evolus was required to lead to an adverse event as Botox. This is called NOAEL (no observed adverse events level). This gives Jeveau #newtox by Evolus an increased ability to act in the area where it is placed without getting into the blood stream. When Jeveau #newtox by Evolus or Botox gets into the blood stream, side effects can be seen. In summary, the Hi-Pure technology used to prepare Jeveau #newtox by Evolus leads to a purer product which should prove to be safer. Every day new technology is used to make new products and treatments for better results and safer treatments. Hi-Pure technology that is used to prepare Jeveau #newtox by Evolus is another example. We are excited to be one of the first offices in the Unites States to be able to offer Jeveau #newtox by Evolus, the first alternative to Botox available in the United States in nearly ten years which uses the Hi-Pure technology.


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