Safe Botox Using New Protocols

Upon reopening after the Coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented a variety of new protocols for everyone’s safety. Here we discuss the new protocols for a Botox treatment.

Why is there a need for new protocols?

The Coronavirus outbreak has led to a significant number of cases throughout the entire world. During this process, we have learned what kinds of things we can to do help prevent the spread of Coronavirus and other viruses to keep everyone safe and healthy.

What are some of the new protocols?

There are a variety of new protocols and procedures that we are following to make sure everyone is safe in our office. Every surface is sanitized before and after each patient enters or exits the room. For example, we are sanitizing tables with wipes after patients places their belonging on a table. We are also opening doors and turning on and off water faucets for our patients. Additionally, hand sanitizer is available in every room in our office and we ask everyone to sanitize their hands when entering and exiting our office. Also, each patient has his/her temperature taken and must answer a few simple questions when entering our office to make sure everyone is healthy. All patients need to cover their face when entering the building and we keep only one patient in each room to ensure social distancing. Staff are wearing additional personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and face shields.

What is different with a Botox treatment?

Your Botox experience at our office will have some minor changes. When washing your face, our staff will assist you by turning the faucet on and off and dispensing facial cleanser into your hands. You will be wearing a mask unless you are having your lower face treated. When you enter the treatment room, we will sanitize the table so you can place your belongings down on a clean surface. Your skin will be cleaned as normal. We will sanitize the stress ball and other equipment before and after each treatment; and we also sanitize ice packs before giving them to you. So these items may be wet when we hand them to you. You will also notice that Dr. Alex and the staff will be wearing masks, face shields, and gloves for everyone’s protection. This may make it more difficult to hear. Otherwise, your Botox experience will be painless as always. At A E Skin safety is our top priority so you can be rest assured that we are keeping our office clean and sanitary.

Botox Demonstration Using New Protocols

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