Get a $100 Gift Card for $75

As you may know, the second annual National Botox Cosmetic Day was held on Wednesday November 18, 2020. On that day you were able to buy one get one free on $50 gift cards to be used towards Botox. It was so popular again that the website crashed (but it was back up after a few minutes).

The gift cards were so popular they sold out in a matter of hours. However, to celebrate the holidays Alle is offering another promotion where you can buy a $100 gift card for $75. You can use this towards Botox and fillers.

Make sure you migrate to Alle, the new and updated version of Brilliant Distinctions. Alle is an upgrade that provides a better experience for patients. You are now also able to get points for non-Allergan treatments such as laser treatments and chemical peels as well as for skin care products. You’ll see your gift card in your Alle wallet when you download the app.

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