Botox Glow

Did you know that Botox can give you glow? Keep reading to learn more.

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified protein used to treat a variety of different conditions. Botox is best known for it’s used to treat wrinkles caused by facial expressions. For example, Botox can be placed between your eyebrows to treat the frown lines, sometimes called elevens. These are the vertical lines you see between your eyebrows when you frown. Botox works by relaxing the muscles that you use to make these expressions. This reduces the appearance of the wrinkles.

Can Botox make your skin glow?

In addition to reducing wrinkles, Botox can have other effects. The muscles you used to make facial expression which are affected by Botox are close to the skin surface. Sometimes a small amount of the Botox spreads to the skin itself. Many people will notice a glow under skin in the area where the Botox has been placed. This is from spread of the Botox to the surface layers of the skin. When Botox is placed in the surface layers of the skin or spreads to this area it can have other effects. In addition to relaxing muscles, Botox can affect your pores and the sweat glands in your skin. When this happens, your skin will produce less sweat and oil. In fact, Botox is commonly used to treat excessive sweating in areas such as the underarms comma palms of the hands, and soles of the feet. On your face the Botox makes your skin look less oily. This is part of the reason why you see a glow on your skin. Also, Botox will close your pores and improve the texture of your skin. When this happens, the surface of your skin is much more smooth. As a result, when light reflects off your skin it produces a glow that you can see. But your skin has an irregular texture on the surface the light reflects differently and your skin looks dull.

We can take advantage of this effect of Botox to make your whole face look smooth. We now offer a treatment called the instant glow facial. This treatment uses a special device to deliver a variety of anti-aging ingredients into the surface layers of your skin. One ingredient that is commonly used is Botox. The device has tiny needles that allow for delivery of the Botox into the surface layers of your skin without getting into the muscles where Botox is traditionally used. In this way you won’t get a relaxing of the muscles which smoothens wrinkles such as frown lines. Instead since the Botox is only going into the surface layers of your skin, you will notice an improved texture, smaller pores, and a glow tot your skin. Another benefit is that Botox will affect the blood vessels in the surface of your skin. This will reduce the blood flow that can make your skin red. So an additional benefit is a decrease in redness on your skin.

This week marks the 20 year anniversary of when Botox was approved for treating frown lines. Since then, there have been many other uses of Botox identified. These include other wrinkles such as horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet, treating the lips and lower face, slimming the lower face, improving neck bands, decreasing sweating, and giving you a glow. We are excited to be able to use Botox in all of these ways and look forward to using Botox and other treatments for more cosmetic purposes.

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